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The tools to create nature inspired ceramic art


My work is an examination of texture and color.  The very nature of clay allows me to explore many options.  My sculpture incorporates contrasting surfaces — rough verses smooth, matte verses glossy, and large-scale verses small-scale.  The juxtaposition of textures provides visual depth and tactile interest.  I heighten the visual and tactile experience of my work by experimenting and adjusting how color is applied.


The surfaces of my naturalistic forms are enveloped with texture and are an invitation to touch.  As you run your hands over them, the sensation evokes memories and reminders of objects and places that were once enjoyed.


Color is also an important element in my work that stimulates a subconscious, emotional response.  I use color to enhance and accent the textural quality; it’s value and intensity affect how the piece is perceived.   With my craft, I aspire to bring a sense of wonder and curiosity.  I combine familiar forms and textures and hope it will cause you to slow down and marvel as you experience of the world around you.

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